Our purpose in helping students in the area of tenant's rights is to help create healthy and understandable living arrangements so that students can focus on academics. 

We provide counseling, lease review and eviction assistance to student tenants. Common issues facing tenants include:

  • Getting a security deposit back;

  • Reviewing lease terms;

  • Negotiating the end of a lease term, whether early or late;

  • Accusations of breach by landlord;

  • Problems in qualifying to live off-campus;

  • Sub-leasing;

  • Repairs of the premises;

  • Roommate agreements;

  • Eviction.

I attended law school with Leslie and her law partner Mark. I have recommended their firm to people seeking legal assistance in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
— Peer Attorney

Call 614.745.2001, or email us at info@awlawohio.com.