All children have the right to a free and appropriate public education. Federal and state laws require school districts to find and identify children with disabilities. Parents can request that their child be evaluated, and schools must respond appropriately. Once children have been identified, the schools are required to determine if they are eligible for special education services, and if they are, to provide those services in an appropriate manner. 

Special education advocacy requires not only legal knowledge at the state and federal level, but an understanding of disabilities, educational theories and practices, and school environments. We are proud to offer the unique services of a parent/student advocate (who happens to also be an attorney!) who can assist private and public school clients, negotiate initial and re-Evaluation Team Reports, initial and annual Independent Educational Programs (IEPs), 504s, Independent Educational Evaluations, and student discipline.

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The advocates at AW are proud to offer a monthly series called Ask the Advocate: a free, private 15 minute consultation/question/answer/review for those interested in learning about advocacy, the process, and to get help on specific situations. Click here for dates and sign up information. 

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