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Jenny Gorman Speas, Parent/Student Advocate


Jenny’s practice as a non-attorney advocate is focused exclusively on special education advocacy for students and parents. Prior to entering the field of parent and child advocacy, Jenny’s career focused on the written word—helping to promote both for-profit and non-profit organizations through content delivery and distribution.  

Jenny’s love for advocacy began close to home, with her own child, and she is passionate about assisting families through the special education process and building relationships that promote, develop and support educational success for exceptional students.  Although Jenny’s skillset includes a wide variety of disability categories and needs, particular areas of experience include autism spectrum disorder, assistive technology implementation, executive functioning deficits, twice-exceptional students and behavior disorders.  

Regardless of where they are in the process of special education, Jenny works with families to gain eligibility for their children, to review existing educational plans, and analyze progress monitoring and skill growth.  Her knowledge of laws, rights, responsibilities, and local resources helps parents to become informed and effective representatives for their children in a variety of educational settings.

Jenny lives in Upper Arlington with her husband, three children, and dog.  Privileged to have had the opportunity to stay home with her children during their earliest years, Jenny’s advocacy begins as a fellow parent— and she feels it is an extraordinary honor to have the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. 


  • Rhodes College; B.A., 1998

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