Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)

An Independent Educational Evaluation is an evaluation of the educational needs of a child done by someone outside of the school system. IEEs are paid by school districts, and are an option for parents who believe the school district’s ETR is incomplete or incorrect. School districts may refuse to pay for an IEE, but must then prove that their own ETR is appropriate in a hearing with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). When asking for an IEE, be sure to ask for the district policies and procedures, including criteria for choosing an outside evaluator. 

One important caveat: even though school districts may pay for an IEE, the IEP team is not required to follow what the IEE says, only consider the IEE as additional evidence when discussing the student’s educational needs. 

For more information:

Ohio Operating Standards, 3301-51-05(G), page 66 at

ODE’s Guide to Parents Rights in Special Education at

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