What do our college student clients think of us?

Leslie was amazing! We had so many questions and concerns. She helped us through this complicated process and her knowledge and reassurance definitely helped decrease our stress and anxiety. I highly recommend her to anyone needing assistance with any student law issues.
— C.Z., Parent of a Former College Student Client
As a student at The Ohio State University, I found myself in a few instances in which I needed legal help to resolve my problems. Right from the start Leslie was there to help. She was more than fair and got all of my issues resolved in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance.
— J.B., Former College Student Client
Leslie is not only an excellent lawyer but also an expert in advising students for university student conduct cases. I would strongly recommend her.
— H.D., Former College Student Client
Hired Mark to deal with a charge of academic misconduct brought against me. From day 1 he handled every aspect of the entire arduous process, and was very knowledgeable on how things were going to go. He knew what info he needed from me and once he had it he went to work. He contacted my school and filed tons of paperwork getting all ducks in a row for my academic trial. This included contacting multiple witnesses, and getting written testimonies from each of them, and going back and forth with the school (played hardball) to get more information that was crucial in proving my innocence. He even went so far to have me do a mock trial in his office to prep me for the real trail... very thorough. The trial result was not in my favor but Mark had a 9-page appeal ready to go the next day. On my behalf, he appealed the decision to the VP of my University and the ruling was completely overturned. Without Mark’s knowledge of this whole process, and the appeal process, I would not have had a positive outcome at all. In addition to failing the class, I was also facing possible suspension from the university. Very glad I hired Mark Weiker to save me.
— J.C., Former College Student Client
Mark Weiker is a wonderful attorney. He was always keeping me informed on what was going on and he would respond to my emails or calls promptly. He not only put a lot of time and effort into making sure I was awarded what I deserved but he was legitimately concerned about how I was treated. I received news from Mark that I would receive my diploma and nursing pin well before the date he listed on the legal letter for the other party to respond. His letter got a quick response and I could not thank him more. I can now move on and take my boards and do what I worked so hard for.
— Monica, Former College Student Client
Leslie is definitely the go-to attorney for all facets of education law, but I specifically refer all of my clients that are students and facing discipline from their school. She is very knowledgable.
— Peer Attorney

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