Our goal in providing accident and insurance advice is to protect the health and welfare of our student clients who have been involved in an accident. We help students (including drivers, passengers and pedestrians) with the most common driving-related issues, including: 

Common issues facing innocent drivers:

  • Compensation for your property damage;

  • Compensation for your injuries;

  • Lost wages;

  • Pain and suffering;

  • Out of pocket expenses;

  • Utilizing health insurance vs. car insurance coverage;

  • Subpoenas for court hearings;

  • Providing recorded statements to car insurance companies;

  • Dealing with uninsured or underinsured at-fault drivers.

Common issues facing at-fault drivers:

  • Traffic court defense;

  • Pleading guilty or no contest;

  • Court penalties;

  • BMV consequences;

  • Reporting the accident to your car insurance carrier;

  • Recovery for your property damage;

  • Recovery for your injuries;

  • Being sued for money;

  • Defending a civil lawsuit with private counsel;

  • What your insurance defense counsel should be doing;

  • Punitive damage claims;

  • Claims that exceed your insurance limit.

Ms Albeit was not only very professional , through and clinical about what needed to be done , she gave sound advice and was sensitive about my problem. Her pleasant demeanor in dealing with me helped me through a very difficult and financially troubling time. She helped me put the case behind me as fast as she possibly could in turn saving me a lot of money on her own fees, which again speaks about her amazing work ethic.
— AW Client

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