Academic Misconduct

Accusations of cheating, plagiarism, and other academic misconduct can lead to a permanent negative mark on your academic record. If found responsible, sanctions can include a reduction of a grade, imposition of a failing grade, academic probation, mandatory participation in academic integrity workshops, and even expulsion. We understand that academic misconduct allegations are often made while the semester is still in session, requiring you to juggle your ongoing studies with the stress brought by such claims. You have already spent thousands of dollars on tuition, so it is important to protect your investment

As a student, you are entitled to an administrative hearing process to defend yourself. While traditional notions of due process are usually lacking, each college or university has a handbook outlining the rules, time restraints, and your rights. Click below for your school's individual policies (more colleges and universities are being added to this list):

The Ohio State University Ohio University / Otterbein University / Capital University / Ohio Dominican University / Ohio Wesleyan University / Miami University / Wright State University / The University of Dayton / The University of Cincinnati / Kent State University / Bowling Green University 

The attorneys at Albeit Weiker, LLP are dedicated to protecting your future. We treat each client and their situation individually; sometimes that even requires us to learn chemistry, engineering, or nursing. The scope of our representation can change depending on your needs, but it always includes identifying  strengths and weaknesses, gathering witnesses and other evidence, preparing written statements,  explanations, and cross-examination questions, conducting mock hearings to prepare for the real thing, and preparing for appeals, if necessary.

If you have been accused of academic misconduct, we urge you to call us immediately. Professors and administrators will be prepared for your hearing and motivated to prove their accusations. You should be prepared to defend yourself.

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